Shoutcast2 Multiple DJ's

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Shoutcast2 Multiple DJ's

Postby FNS_NightWolf » Sun Jan 10, 2016 5:41 pm

Every stream comes with the ability to add DJ's thus allowing other DJ's to use your stream.

With this feature, DJ will be able to connect to your stream and do their Shows on your stream without any interaction required from you.
As the Talent switches out, each DJ connects, with this option, transitions are generally smooth and seamless, provided your hired talent know how to Count in/out and do a smooth transition.

This is most efficient in 3D Clubs and like environments with AutoDJ Turned on and Streaming.

1. Log into your respective caster site
2. Under Configuration, Click DJs
3. Click Create DJ Account

Setup each DJ


Look under Quick Links and get the Shoutcast v1 Port, this is the port that your DJ's will connect to.

The DJ's password is username:password

Host: YOUR CASTER SERVER (caster1 = US)
Port: The ShoutCast V1 port (Example: Port 8000 will connect via Shoutcast V1 on Port 8002)
Password: username:password (Each Dj's username and password, Example: The DJ is joe and his password is snuffy, it would be joe:snuffy)

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