DDoS and What to do

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DDoS and What to do

Postby FNS_NightWolf » Thu Jan 14, 2016 3:26 pm

This tutorial is meant as an end user guide what to do in the event of our servers getting DDoSed.

1: Contact a staff member in support for our backup ip (we have multiple ip's active at any given time in different Arin entry and also on different subnets for additional security).
2: Staff member will give you an updated ip, ip's won't be listed in this post for security reasons.
3: Update your encoder with the new ip as well as in your respective virtual world.
4: Staff will update profile players upon requests
5: In the event your server won't connect to the new ip let staff know we have instructions on how to adjust the broadcasting ip.

Please note that if this does not work we also have our backup server which is in a separate datacenter. All clients are entitled to a backup stream on this server it just needs to be requested.

Warm Regards

Rob Matz
CEO FNS Hosting

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