AutoDJ 101


AutoDJ 101

Postby FNS_Tutorials » Tue Jun 16, 2015 3:35 am

Adding and Deleting Tracks from Auto DJ

1. Log into Centovacast at your centova admin it will be 1 of the 3

using you username and admin password.

2. Click on Files

3. Click on upload

4. select your tracks

5. click ok

once they have all been uploaded, click return

6. Click on Media

7. Find the Music that you have uploaded and drag it into the Playlist you are using.

8. Once complete, click on the playlist and click on Save

Your all set...


1. Log in

2. Go to Files

3. Select the track

4. click on Delete or remove

5. Repeat until you are satisfied

6. Click Return

7. Click on media

8. Selec the playlist you are using

9. Click save

It is always good to restart your server after any major music update

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